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Nicole Thornton

I have been a member of UFG seen last February 2014. I joined for one month to start of with and used it as a trial. A year and half later I’m still a member and absolutely love coming to the gym now on a regular basis.

When I first joined UFG I was really unfit and was over weight and I really wanted to loose weight. So every Monday night I started doing the boxing class with Ben Walsh and on the other days I come in and train and use the running machine.

I’ve really have improved my fitness and managed to loose three and half stone from February to December last year.

My aim now is to carry on improving on my fitness, to tone up and carry on learning more techniques to maintain my general fitness.

Cam McCurdy

I’ve been training at UFG since it opened, that was 2012…

When i first started training, i didn’t really know what i was doing, i wasn’t confident in how i looked or even what i should be doing in the gym. I just knew i wanted to change and was willing to work hard to get there!

With the help and encouragement of the lads down at Urban Fitness i started to make progress and see results; the fact that there are alot of like minded people that train there also helps because it keeps me motivated. The atmosphere is great down there, everything from the music that they play to the kit that they have in the gym.

The gym has changed almost as much as i have during my time down there and now with the awesome functional side that they have, there is plenty of variation to throw into my training.

Id recommend the gym to anyone and in fact i have done! There’s no other gym around here like UFG, its head and shoulders above any other facility in Lichfield.

Keep up the good work teamUFG and if you’ve not been down there yet…….WHY NOT??

Nia Jay

I’ve only been training at UFG since April and it’s like my second home. From the moment i had a look around, i could tell that UFG is so different from your typical gym.

Everyone is so friendly and on hand to help and offer advice when you need it. I love the fact that it’s not just full of machines and has the astro-turf and space to create circuits.

When i joined i was really unfit but with weekly Personal Training sessions with JT and training everyday, I’m doing things now that i never thought i could do, such as becoming addicted to learning Olympic lifting techniques and running 10K races!

I don’t actually know what i would do without UFG now, the staff and members are like family!

Looking forward to the rest of my fitness journey

Jack Cobden

Jack Cobden England u18, u20 Ex Leicester tigers, Nottingham. Currently playing for csm Bucharest in Romania. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about the UFG gym until a month ago! It’s perfect for all, I especially love it for the lifting platforms and track, there’s so many good machines in there too, you can literally train every muscle in the body, there’s no venue in Lichfield like it. I’m so happy I can finally go to a gym where I can train properly!

Lauren Massey

I have been playing netball for England for the last 4/5 years, requiring me to train day in, day out in the gym. Since being at university, I struggled to find a flexible gym that allowed me to continue my training during the holidays. However, UFG provides the perfect facilities and membership that allows me to do my weights, plyometric and conditioning sessions whenever I am at home. There is a wide variety of equipment and a great open space for me to perform netball specific exercises. It is a great place to train and I would highly recommend it!

Lewis Dewsnap

When i joined UFG, i had been a member of Virgin Active Lichfield for a while and never got the results that i wanted (that’s actually where my before pic was taken) i never really felt i fitted in and was never really made to feel welcome.

I joined Urban Fitness and after talking to the staff there and explaining my frustrations with training i got advice that i took on board and pretty much straight away noticed results, from there i was hooked. They gave me advice on nutrition and exercise and its helped with everything; even helping clear the psorisis that I suffered from.

Hardeep Attwal

This year I’ve have done challenges that I would never have even considered possible had i not been training in the environment that Urban Fitness offers. Ive taken part in the Superhuman Games and the Birmingham half marathon. Both of which i did with the help and encouragement of Simon and the UFG Team.

I am still aiming to constantly push to get even fitter! and next year, not only compete in the above events, but beat my times and positions i placed this year.

Everyone at Urban Fitness is the same, they all want to get better….and they all help each other to get better.

Kayleigh Long

I used UFG on the build up to my wedding. I started PT sessions with Simon in June ’12. I’d had my daughter in ’10 and couldnt budge my wobbly bits and about 7 Lbs! When I started I was so unfit, after a month I started to feel better in myself! Within 2 months, noticed i was toning and my jeans were not as tight! in the run up to my wedding I upped my game and did 2 sessions a week as was really enjoyed the training at this stage, wasn’t feeling tired anymore and everyone was paying me compliments saying how well I looked. I really had noticed a massive difference in myself. Not only my weight but my confidence! Training at UFG really helped me look and feel my best on the biggest day of my life. I’ve moved away now due to my husband moving club, but I really miss UFG and wish there was one in Hull.

James Austin

I am a judo athlete on the GB squad and competed in the London Olympics and was selected for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, but missed out due to injury.

I have been training at UFG for the last 2 years, and used them when they were very new, and before their expansion, just after the Olympics, and since- during the qualification period for the Glasgow Commonwealth games. It’s a fantastic facility, and is well run by the friendly and helpful team of coaches that are there.

They’ve built a great community atmosphere, and I’d recommend the gym to anyone as there is such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to go and train. Personally, I think UFG is the perfect place to help me rehab and return from injury, and get my preparation right in the run up to Rio.